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The 5 Best Acoustic Travel Guitars in 2019 (Compact and Durable)

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Traveling the country (or the world) is something that most professional musicians do, and even many amateurs.  As a guitarist, being able to travel with your guitar is one of the things that offer you some relaxation as it means you don’t have to hop from one country to another without something an instrument you trust by your side.

When deciding on what acoustic guitar to travel with, there really is no “one size that fits all”. As such, it is up to you to decide what will work. You could opt for a smaller acoustic guitar or a full-size one. Depending on the weight of your luggage some guitarists will prefer a smaller guitar to a full-size one and others vice versa.

Below are some of the best acoustic travel guitars that you can consider traveling with on your next trip.

1. Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar


  • This guitar is both an acoustic and electric guitar making it perfect for guitarists that want to grow on both styles or explore their playing capability
  • It is lightweight but still offers the sound of a full-scale guitar
  • Has a compact design that makes it easy to take anywhere
  • Detachable lap rest that enhances portability
  • Has an in-body tuning system hence eliminating the need to rely on a headstock
  • For a standard output or acoustic pickup, the guitar can easily be plugged into a recording amp or device
  • Comes with a bag for storage and easy transportation
  • Ideal for both right and left-handed guitarists
  • Available in five different colors – maple, vintage red, natural, antique brown and matte black
  • Comes with a three-year limited warranty


  • Slightly pricey
  • It doesn’t have a thick neck

2. Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Guitar


The Cordoba Mini M is a perfect acoustic guitar for beginners who are keen on finding a travel guitar. It has a compact body, and despite the small size, it sounds big.


  • Has a compact design with the top and sides made from mahogany which means reliability and durability
  • Perfect guitar for traveling
  • Well-priced making it an attractive buy given the sound it produces
  • The package comes with a Cordoba gig bag that fits perfectly in the compartment of an airplane
  • Its build enables it to produce great sound
  • Provides a full-sized feel
  • The satin finish gives it a natural look and feel
  • Lightweight


  • May need frequent tuning to work properly

3. Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa Guitar


This 23-inch Martin LKX2 Little Martin Koa guitar is another great investment that is made for traveling and produces a fantastic natural tonality.


  • Has a sturdy build which works well with frequent travels
  • The sturdy build makes it reliable
  • Has the Martin patented neck and is built with a compressed spruce laminate that allows it to handle the exposure
  • The small body size makes them perfect for traveling
  • Given that it is a mini guitar, it works fine for people with smaller hands or children
  • Aesthetically, it is gorgeous thanks to the dark Koa design
  • Has a modified shape and size and a small scale fretboard
  • Despite the small size, it produces quality sound that is far much better than what most smaller guitars produce


  • The case that it comes with is not suitable for traveling

4. Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar


The Taylor GS Mini Acoustic guitar works well for people with small hands as well as kids and produces quality sound.


  • The rear and sides are made from mahogany with a matte neck finish
  • Each strum results in the sound of a full-size guitar
  • It has 20 frets
  • It has a scaled down size that makes it lightweight
  • The combination of musicality and portability makes it ideal for different performances ranging from concert halls to campfires
  • Has an inbuilt fun factor


  • Slightly pricey
  • Only suitable for right-handed people given the orientation

5. Yamaha SLG200S Silent Guitar


Yamaha is a well-known brand when it comes to creating musical instruments. The Yamaha SLG200S, while a more expensive guitar, still allows you to produce high-quality sound making it your perfect pick when traveling.


  • Comes in four different styles namely Nylon String, Nylon String Classical, Nylon String Gig Bag Bundle and Steel Ring
  • Available in three different colors
  • Ideal for practice, on-stage performance as well as for traveling
  • Has a silent performance that makes practicing more individualistic
  • Lightweight guitar which makes it comfortable to play
  • Has a single cutaway design that comes with 22 frets
  • Has the exclusive Yamaha SRT powered pickup system that produces an acoustic tone that is natural both through a line-out or headphone
  • Comes with flexible controls such as an inbuilt effects rotary control that has chorus and reverb
  • The guitar incorporated studio-quality onboard effects that improve your playing
  • For easy transportation as well as storage, it comes with a gig bag


  • More costly
  • The quality of the gig bag isn’t the best for flight travels

Final Thoughts

When choosing a travel guitar, one of the things you need to factor in is the compact size. Still, do not compromise on the build and quality as frequent traveling can wear out your instrument. However, if it has a strong build, then you are guaranteed of both durability and reliability. Also, choose a travel guitar that you can easily maneuver through the plane, train and bus aisles.

A good travel guitar should be able to take a few knocks and bumps without being damaged. That is to say that the guitar material should be durable and sturdy giving you the confidence that you need to take it on the road frequently. The tone and projection also matter when choosing one. In addition, consider the price. Regardless of your budget, you should be able to find a guitar that can accommodate all your needs as you travel.

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